Soil Food Web Class: Lesson #1 Impressions

OrganarchistThe class was purchased almost 12 years ago, and nobody at the company had taken the class! I obviously volunteered. I have been studying the soil food web for about 10 years. I am an avid homesteader and permaculture enthusiast. My passion for sustainability and self sufficiency lead me to this lifestyle and I am thankful I embarked on this path. I began building my native soil from day #1 and experimenting with many techniques I have read about over the years. The 10 years of daily homesteading has taught me so much about how soil and plants interact.

I went into the first lesson with an extreme level of cockyness and pride in the knowledge I have acquired over the years. I actually LIVE this daily, so I was under the impression that i would absolutely CRUSH this first class.

Well, I was DEFINITELY surprised! Good GRACIOUS is this class legit. It’s been a LONG time since I was in college and my first foray into the testing process was just straight anxiety. Questions like “Which of the following are NOT true” had my brain broken. it’s been a while…

A lot of the information in the first class was familiar to me but at a level of detail I was not ready for. The explanation of how layers of silica sandwich minerals between layers was fascinating. I was aware of the fact that everything one needs to grow plants is in soil already, but never knew it was sandwiched like that. Super cool visual as I work with my soil.

I watched the first video, didn’t take ANY notes and just went for the test… I got a %78.9…JUST passed it. Thank GOD!

Now I am on to my next lesson and test and I’m kinda feeling intimidated, which is great. I want to absorb ALL of this information, I feel that soil biology is the future of this planet and I want to be a part of this solution.

I’ll be checking in after each class to share my experience.